Call for Abstracts

Gender-based lethal violence are on the increase. According to a resolution in the European Parliament (2013), recent estimates of the sex ratio display an increase in the number of “missing” women from the world’s population to roughly 200 million. During the 1990 the same number was approximately 100 million. Moreover, lethal violence due to different gender-roles is not restricted to females, but includes, among others, the targeting of battle-aged men.

This conference aims to investigate which methodological underpinnings that must be adopted in order to construct a useful concept that can illuminate, as well as mobilize against, gendered lethal violence. It brings together a variety of researchers and practitioners, will elaborate on the genocide-gendercide connection from a multitude of perspectives and angles. Questions that may be raised are, for instance, how do we conceptualize gender in relation to sex-selective mass killings? Is there a potential to disrupt the violent repetitions of sex-selective mass killings via the concept of gendercide? What resistance is effective combating gendered lethal violence? The questions will be addressed from a global and a local perspective, taking into account both substantive international law, broader state policies and theoretical perspectives.

We hereby invite proposals on any theme addressing resistance against gendered lethal violence, the theoretical concept of gendercide and/or its connection to the concept of genocide.

All abstracts are to be submitted through the following registration form:

Proposals and expressions of interest should be submitted no later than 1 March 2020 in accordance with the formats described on the registration form. Abstracts should be no longer than 350 words and written in English. Abstracts will be reviewed and selected by the panel conveners on the basis of the following criteria: relevance/problem, purpose/research questions, theory/approach, methods/material, results/conclusion. Decisions about abstracts will be announced by 30 March 2020.

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The conference is organized by the Department of Law, School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg in co-operation with the Swedish Research Council (VR).

Please note that the speaker list for the conference is full. We would like to make it clear that panelists are still very welcome to submit their abstracts.