Genocide, Gendercide, and Resistance Conference 2020

The Conference is Postponed

As we are sure everyone knows, the challenges presented by the growing COVID-19 health crisis impacts the ability to hold a large conference for the foreseeable future. As a result, we feel compelled to make the difficult decision to postpone the conference until later this year. It is with heavy hearts that we make this announcement, and we are very interested in keeping you all as speakers for the coming conference as soon as it is possible.

This is a decision that none of us in the leadership wanted to make. But after evaluating the recent developments and listening to input from other colleagues, we strongly believe that this is the best option for us at this time. 

We have every intention to hold the conference at a later point, hopefully during the coming autumn/winter.

Stay safe,

The Leadership

What Do We Need in Order to Construct a Useful Concept of “Gendercide”?

On the Theme of the Conference

Today, girls and women are exposed to lethal violence across the world just because they are female. According to a resolution in the European Parliament (2013), recent estimates of the sex ratio display an increase in the number of “missing” women from the world’s population to roughly 200 million. During 1990 the same number was approximately 100 million. Moreover, lethal violence due to different gender-roles is not restricted to women, but includes, inter alia, the targeting of battle-aged men.

Departing from the above, this conference aims to actualize and discuss the notion of “gendercide”, which refers to the deliberate killing of people belonging to one sex, by reason of their sex. In particular, the conference seeks to probe which methodological underpinnings that must be adopted in order to construct a useful concept that can illuminate, as well as mobilize against, gendered lethal violence.

The conference sets out to examine the genocide-gendercide connection from a multitude of perspectives and angles. Questions that may be raised are, for instance, how do we conceptualize gender as a vector of group identity in cases of sex-selective mass killings? Is there a potential to disrupt the violent repetitions of sex-selective mass killings via the concept of gendercide? These questions will be addressed from a global and a local perspective, taking into account both substantive international law, broader state policies and theoretical perspectives.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Professor Adam Jones (University of British Columbia);
  • Professor Naila Kabeer (London School of Economics and Political Science);
  • Justice Madan Lokur (Former Judge at the Supreme Court of India);
  • Associate Professor Christine Schwöbel-Patel (University of Warwick);
  • Professor Monica Das Gupta (Maryland Population Research Centre);
  • Rita Banerji (founder of the 50 Million Missing Campaign);
  • Representatives from the Indian civil-society organization Empower People.

About the Conference

The Genocide, Gendercide, and Resistance Conference 2020 will be organized at Gothenburg University during 1–2 June 2020. We intend to bring together scholars, researchers and practitioners from across the world to elaborate and move on with the research that delves deeper into possible ways to create social change in regard to, and delimit, the gendered lethal violence en masse. In this regard, the conference will address a gap within the current research of genocide-gendercide by actualizing and discussing the notion of “gendercide” from perspectives that has up until now received little attention.

A detailed program will be made available by early May. Please note that the conference starts at 13.00 on 1 June 2020, and ends around 14.00 on 2 June 2020.